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These are the 3 residential price plans available for different types of internet users. Note the speed differences. 

The Basic

This plan is good for 2 people who don’t have too many devices going at once.
  • 60Mbps UPLOAD
  • 60Mbps DOWNLOAD
  • Unlimited usage
$60.00 Per Month
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The Better

This plan is good for homes that need a little more all at the same time. 3-4 people, and quite the amount of devices
  • 500Mbps UPLOAD
  • 500Mbps DOWNLOAD
  • Unlimited usage
  • For many devices, many users
$100.00 Per Month
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The Best

This plan covers all the bases. If you have a lot of people and devices this is the one for you. When you need to watch TV, while having a Zoom call and gaming with friends and your kids are doing the same upstairs.
  • <1000Mbps UPLOAD
  • <1000Mbps DOWNLOAD
  • Unlimited usage
  • Multiple Devices/Users
  • The Best of the Best!
$120.00 Per Month
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All the plans come with unlimited usage. So no matter how many movies you watch, or how many games you play, you will never need to worry about going over.

***Any of the plans can be upgraded at a later time in case it isn’t enough. No need to change equipment. Just call or message us and we can boost the speeds***

Business Plans

*All Business Plans get a Static IP address*

  • Business Basic – $80 per month – 200Mbps download/ 200Mbps Upload
  • Business Better – $120 per month – 500Mbps download/ 500Mbps Upload
  • Business Best – $150 per month – 1000Mbps download/ 1000Mbps Upload


ONT Only
If you already own your own router then this is the only thing you need from us. This device converts the light from the fiber into a normal ethernet jack. You'll then plug this into your own router.
Blast u4 & ONT
If you don't have your own router and you have a smaller sized home then this device (Blast u4) is for you. This device delivers the Wi-Fi 6 through-out your home. This device is really for the smaller sized home. There are only 2 antennas inside.
Blast u6 & ONT
Again, if you do not have a router, then this is our top performer. It offers the greatest coverage because it has 6 antennas and have 4 ethernet ports for those who need. This can handle most homes.
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