ONT & Router?

ONT & Router

Since we run fiber directly to your home or business, there needs to be a device that supports this. This device is an ONT, or Optical Network Terminal. This device is essentially a translator. It takes light signals and converts them into electrical pulses. These pulses get sent from the ONT to the router. And the router is where the magic happens. Our routers then take this signal and make it usable for you and me. The router allows all the devices in your home to communicate together or to allow them to go on the internet. The best example to describe a router is a mail carrier. It takes messages from or to devices. This also gives you Wi-fi.

Why use our Router?

You don’t NEED to take our router, but you do NEED to take our ONT device. Our ONT is designed and built for our fiber network, so its necessary to take it, BUT we do allow you to use your own existing router if you wish. We suggest taking either our small router, GigaSpire u4, or the bigger boy, GigaSpire u6, because we can offer you remote support if ever you have problems with devices in your home/business. This support can save a lot of time for you and for us. There will be no scheduling conflicts or the uselessness of waiting around for a service technician to show up. We were/are customers too so we know the drag this can be. Our routers can also be managed by our very own app, CommandIQ. If you need to turn off the Wi-Fi for particular devices because its a school night and some people are hard to get up in the morning, you can do that. Also with our routers, in an effort to simplify the customer experience and enhance our ability to provide technical support, we built a custom Portal to manage your router. Our portal is full featured so you can:

We realize that some people want to do their own Routing

We are able to offer BYOR (Bring Your Own Router) service in some buildings. We’re working very hard to be able to deliver it in all of our buildings, which will be ready very soon.
You still need to use our ONT to convert the fibre to ethernet, however we will place it in Bridge Mode so that it does not participate in any routing functions. Please understand that in
BYOR mode, our ability to offer support is very very limited.

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